Winx IV  |  2019   |  English   |  7 Network  |

For Racing in this country there is now one date that has become folklore… October 27, 2018.    A day of legend, a day of euphoric triumph, the day of Winx.  

October 27 – the day Winx won the seemingly impossible 4th straight Cox Plate. A date that is now locked in the memory of an adoring public.  As part of a unique, thought provoking and emotional portrayal – this documentary film will take an in-depth look at the very day itself.  


Using un-seen and purpose shot vision from the day, combined with news reports from the day, interviews and a range of archival content from the day, the driving narrative of the film is Winx’s victory.  BUT…we also intend to weave in and out of the narrative a look at that date itself – 27th October.  What other events over time have been stamped into our consciousness on that specific date. 


Thanks to a wide array of unrelated, worldwide occurrences, this is a date that has come to be known for its firsts, lasts, triumphs and tragedy. We now add the story of Winx to that date. This method of filmmaking has been seen before in the acclaimed 30 for 30 ESPN series purely using archival media, sound bites etc. from various feeds captured on the specific day of the story.